Most electro fusion fittings are showing a barcode lable, which contains important information about the product and the welding procedure. Electro fusion control boxes with barcode system are able to read and process this information.

The fitting barcode contains for exapmle the follwoing data:
• Manufacturer
• Dimension
• Type
• Welding voltage
• Welding time
• Heating coil resistance
• Resistance tolerance
• Temperature compensation factors


The FUSAMATIC-system is an automatic system for reading the welding parameters of an Electro Fusion copler. The procedure is only avaiable for FUSAMATIC-fittings. The system is working with a fixed welding voltage of 40V . The welding time is coded into a small resistor embedded into the red marked welding connector of the FUSAMATIC-fitting. After connecting the control box to the fitting, the FUSAMATIC-Controller is reading the value of the embedded resistor and determines the releated welding time.

Data recording

Some PF-Electro Fusion Controller are recording technical details of the welding process. For example the following data is recorded: welding voltage, time, current, resistance, energy, mode and error messages and addtional data like job number, operator identification, report number, weld number, date and time. The barcode system is providing additional information (ref. barcode system).

Traceabitity system

For tracing back specific product batches in pipelines the traceability system may be used. An additional barcode on the fiting as well as on the pipes contains product type and production batch information of each pipeline component and may be read by the barcode reader of the electro fusion control unit or automatic butt fusion machine. The data is decoded and added to the welding report.


The Pipe-ID-System is an patented procedure for recoding the pipe and component information in a pipeline network and their position to each other. After the transfer of the data to the PC all components can be shown in one single database without additiona data processing. The Pipe-ID-System additional provides the following information:
• Pipeline listings (geographic order) sorted by lines, projects and/or jobs numbers
• Components listings with correct length and quantities
• Drawings of the pipeline (in preparation)

High Power Control Boxes for PKS

Helicoiled (corrugated) pipes with embedded electro fusion couplings are an excellent alternative for sewage concrete pipes. They are avaiable in diameters up to 4000mm. Inorder to cover the huge power consumption of these so called PKS-pipes we provide special high power control boxes (Tiny Data M (PKS)).