The principles of electro fusion

For preparation of a electro fusion joint, the oxide skin on the pipe surface in the welding zone has to be removed by scraping. Before the fitting is put on the pipe ends the cleaning of the welding zone with pure alcohol is mandatory. The pipe ends have to be inserted comletely into the fitting, so that they touch the pipe stop in the middle of the fitting. After connecting and starting, the electro fusion control box will apply a current flow through the heating coil of the fitting. The heating coil is getting hot rapidly and heats the thermoplstic material in the welding zone above its melting point. The material of the pipe and the fitting is getting into contact and flows into each other. After the product and material specific welding time has passed, and the control box has stopped the current flow, the welding zone is cooling down under the melting point. The fitting and the pipe are now permanently joint to each other and form a gas proof connection.