Electrofusion Control Units

  • Mammut


    The Mammut is our most powerful electrofusion control unit. It is operated with three-phase alternating current and, due to its tandem mode, allows simultaneous welding of couplers with bifilar heating coils.

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  • PolyCode


    The newest member of our family of electrofusion control units has been tailored to the needs of installers. By integrating the device into the transport case, it is very mobile, always safely packed and easy to transport.

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  • PolyControl Plus

    PolyControl Plus

    Our PolyControl Plus is an electrofusion control unit with inverter technology. Due to the light aluminium housing with active cooling, it not only has a robust design but also enormous power reserves. This makes it ideal even for demanding couplers without requiring long cooling times between welds.

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  • Polymatic Plus

    Polymatic Plus

    The Polymatic Plus is a very powerful electrofusion control unit for welding PE pipes with electrofusion fittings. The robust construction of the device makes it a star on every construction site and is not only convincing here with its external values.

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  • SmartFuse


    The SmartFuse electrofusion control units have been specially developed for use with SmartFuse-compatible couplers. The welding parameters are entered automatically after a SmartFuse-compatible fitting has been connected.

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  • SmartFuse 160

    SmartFuse 160

    The SmartFuse 160 is the little brother of the PolyCode. The welding parameters can only be read in via the SmartFuse system. Otherwise it has all the advantages of the PolyCode: low weight, high mobility and safe packaging.

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  • Tiny


    Don't let the name fool you. Our Tiny is actually packs a punch. Thanks to the solid technology in a compact metal housing, even welding larger couplers is no problem. Where a lot of performance in a compact housing is required, our Tiny is the right choice.

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